“Being in pain every day, all day, is hard. But when you’re a woman, there’s a whole extra layer to the situation that makes everything that much harder.

 It’s not just the expected stuff, like being told by a doctor that your bra is too tight and that’s probably what’s causing the excruciating pain in your right ribs that’s so awful that you literally want to jab a knife into your side and rip the bones out.

 Or, after you change your bra, being told by the same doctor to just “calm down” because you’re probably just stressing yourself out, and that’s what’s causing pain so severe that you have to stop mid-conversation multiple times a day and lay flat down on the floor because you just can’t bear the agony of standing up.”

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This is basically my life as well. Except that my ex-husband could no longer handle all my medical conditions. If you have a partner who can, that says something to me.

This was my breakfast.



Blind woman wants ID program for service animals | KOIN.com



We need responsible service dog handlers on here to drown them out! Ignore all the pro-BSL comments even though it may tug at our heartstrings! Just talk about why certification does not happen in this country, how Fred Meyers needs to put in a policy where the actually go by what the ADA says and not be whiny.  I swear if I see someone talking about some ID card they bought online, I will take you down!

We’re All Mad Here, Is That Okay?


Recently I’ve really been feeling the stigma of mental and chronic illness. People who said they accepted and loved suddenly have pushed me aside. This goes for my family and certain communities. While my conditions haven’t changed, I am in fact trying to do what I can to take them in hand, it seems like people are pushing me away. Maybe people are tired of dealing with me or they just want to continue to play the passive role in my life. My family says they want me to get better but refuses to help me when I ask.

This makes me sad. It makes me want to retreat back to the Wonderland inside my head and in my bed.


Reinforcement versus reward in dog training (they’re not the same) | glasgowdogtrainer



I use positive reinforcement training with my service dog Max. I’m a crossover trainer, I used to use harsher methods with him. Those didn’t work, this does!